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Matthew “Matt” A. Doheny holds an extensive curriculum vitae as an entrepreneur, finance expert and political pundit which features past and current successes in the industries of the investment fund, distressed asset and financial management.

Matt Doheny financed his own way through college and successfully received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Allegheny College in 1992 and his Law Degree in Business/Contract Law from Cornell University Law School in 1995.

With political aspirations, Matt was a candidate in New York State’s Justice of the Supreme Court in District 2 in 2014, District 23 in 2010, and District 21 in both 2012 and 2014. Matt Doheny has also been a candidate in the 21st Congressional District of New York State.

After starting out as an up-and-coming lawyer and garnering a working education as an attorney in Syracuse, New York, Matt secured a position in management within his next professional occupation, and his assiduousness has seen him rise through the ranks to become a well-respected entrepreneur ever since. With his stalwart efforts in financial ventures, Mr. Doheny has sat on the boards of multiple high level corporations as well as founding his own business endeavors. Matt Doheny has served as the Managing Director of Distressed Assets Group at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. from 2000 to 2008, the Portfolio Manager of Fintech Advisory, Inc. from 2008 to 2010, President of North Country Capital LLc, and Director of YRC Worldwide Inc. in 2011 to name just a few.

Aside from his acuity in the business and political forums, Matt regards philanthropy and community involvement as pivotal to giving back what he’s achieved. As a dedicated proponent of “paying it forward’, Matt Doheny is diligent in donating his time, experience, knowledge and expertise to aspiring minds. Mr. Doheny has taught finance and business at Columbia University, Clarkson University and Jefferson Community College and is a known patron of scholarships for college hopefuls. Matt is a member of the Flower Memorial Library Board of Directors and supports the Italian-American Civic Association as well as numerous nonprofit agencies, local hospitals.

Presently, Matt Doheny serves on the board of Kodak Co. and Yellow Truck. He also functions as a Director of Affinity Gaming, and has done so since 2013. He is the proprietor of two of the “Thousand Islands” — an archipelago that sits between the Canadian – U.S. Border — and currently lives in Watertown with his family.

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