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The United States now have something in common with their northern Canadian Football League (CFL) neighbors, as there has been an expansion to the old NFL’s scoring rules: a safety is now possible for either team and will be worth 1 point. Under the new Rule 11-3-2-c, “If the try results in what would ordinarily be a safety against either team, one point is awarded to the opponent.”  

But the new NFL rules don’t stop there; the change to the safety rules on extra points and 2-point conversions is also seeing a bit of an alteration. Historically, if a point was blocked, the ball was dead if a defender got hold of it. Under the new rules, the kicker could try to return a dead ball (for a touchdown), which would be worth 2 points. Additionally, the new rules will also increase the distance for extra-point kicks by moving the scrimmage line from the 2-yard line to the 15. In this case, the team will have an opportunity to score on a conversion attempt.

The the 2-point conversion rule and the extra-point kicks rule are both completely unknown and a bit ground-breaking in Stateside football,  it won’t be the first time the 1-point conversion safety has been seen in the States, the 1-pointer has been seen in college football for years. Though very rarely witnessed in college ball, the rare play is very possible to become a lot more prevalent in the future of the NFL.

The all-too-familiar scores are something fans of American football hold close to home, somewhat like a familiar face, so how will the new possibilities sit with them? Football evokes strong emotions for Americans so it’s to be determined how this turn of events will ultimately be received. Initially, it may be quite a sight to see a 23-1 scoreboard.